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31 copies of 'Keepers of the Black Stone' were printed, described
as a condensed version of a longer work that was never written due
to the extended illness of the author, who regrets the book was not
given the title of  'Keepers of the Holy Grail'.  Next time it will be,
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 Additional:    It is believed that the treasure of the goddess Isais is deposited
                       in a chest at the bottom of a pond called the Isaisweiher, consisting
                       of a mirror and her dagger.  These items are illustrated on the Causa-
              website but are certainly neither correct nor original.
                       For a description of Isais goto and translate
                       via google from German. We have printed a translation  in the book
                       'Keepers of the Black Stone' , (Austin, BRP, 2011).

                       The illustrations of the apparition of the goddess Isais appearing
                       on the site are unfortunately incorrect when compared
                       with the original description.  CN does not reply to emails.  They
                       have contacts in various european cities including Venice, Dusseldorf,
                       Munich, and other locations that can be or are identified on their
                       website.  Registration attempts at their forum have failed.
                       Isais wore a dagger in her belt with a handle consisting of a blue
                       feather which changed into a dagger hilt when pulled out. Its use is
                       not mentioned.  The 'Offenbarung Isais' should be re-read for hints
                       as to the origin and use of her mirror for I do not know about this.
                       A mirror is often a symbol for reviewing the past.



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HOLY GRAIL TRUTH AND LIES : For those of you who can't stand Wikipedia's format this is the place to be. I hope you liked the clip!

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I am looking for a co-author and/or a publisher for a new book.  If you are interested write to Tony Austin at

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I hope you liked the clip!

First we'll mention that Wikipedia closed its pages to new research November 2011
and insists that you quote already published screeds in your posts to its tedious pages
so you would find it very difficult to change anything.  There are already several blogs
mentioning this sad fact.  Wiki cannot be quoted in school exam papers!

Better to google the Catholic Encyclopedia which will tell you that the entire Grail
story is overdone and is an unchristian legend with no foundation in fact nor any
connection with Jesus.  Quite so.

All that remains is an 800 year old fictitious story of an object that cannot be found despite
any amount of searching, but the truth goes much further back than that.  For instance,
Alexander the Great is said to have gone to Armenia about 300 BC looking for the Grail
which he knew even at that early date was not a cup but a stone.  He was given an ordinary
pebble by a wise old man and offered the injunction: "Go away and practice humility".
We learn from this cautionary tale that the Grail is not a vessel of any kind, and whatever
it might be, it is not given for the asking.

The Grail will henceforth be called 'a stone', namely a faceted dark purple amethyst with
pointed ends about the size of a child's fist.  While I will not give endless source quotes you
can find this info at under 'Forbidden Secrets' and at which has nothing to do with the cosa nostra.  Look for it in association
with the Templar goddess Isais and the DHvSS (Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein) who would have
it that the Stone is black (perhaps violet-black).

It was given to Adam by the angel Raziel (Rezial) (see the 'Sefer ha Rezial ha Melech'  which translates as the Book of Raziel the King)
as a result of Adam's entreaties to God to be given knowlege of all things and that which was to
be, in the Garden of Eden, in or near Yerevan, Armenia, on the banks of the Aras River.  Erich
von Daniken also deals with this episode (Return of the Gods, Element, 1995,1998). You should  read Steve Savedow's translation
of the epic (Samuel Weiser, 2000, NY) wherein several texts are printed.  It is a pity that in the last
decade EVERY copy has been removed (stolen, borrowed?) from UK public libraries. I have written
of Adam's  adventure in 'Valley of Eden',  Austin, BRP 2008, but few copies were sold.
Adam made no use of it but hid it in a cleft in a rock, whence it passed down through the generations
of proto-Israelites, including Noah, until they all exited from Armenia in a southerly direction,
aiming for Egypt where they were known as the Hyksos (Tribe of King Hayk) or the 'Shepherd Kings'
until the Stone was buried with Joseph.  Moses thought better of that and dug up Joseph's remains
and the Stone, carrying these alongside the Ark through the Sinai until the Exodus reached the Promised Land, being Palestine or present day Israel.  Here, the Stone came into the possession of King Solomon.

Now we must mention the curious fact that the Stone is a communication device that allows the
owner to communicate with aliens, then known as angels, of whom several were appointed in
succession to guard the Stone from  the unworthy, being those who did not possess a 'pure soul'.
In the 20th C it was believed by Germanic mystics and psychics that it was necessary to possess
very long hair which acted, they said, as an antenna. Among these communicators was Maria Orsic
whose best bio exists in German. Their society was the 'Alldeutsche Gesellschaft fur metaphysik',
active 1917 - 1945.  In the 'Sefer ha Rezial' it is said that the Stone 'served' several major personalities
which means they could use. it, such as Noah and Solomon.  Others just passed it on.

When the Babylonians decided to conquer Israel under Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, the priests of
Jerusalem hid the Stone in a 150 foot deep shaft, probably in some kind of vessel which is where
the legend of the Grail started.  It was to remain there for 1713 years until 1127 AD.  Far from
Jesus having anything to do with any grail or stone, he walked over it but never knew of it and so
far as we know, never spoke of it.

In 1127, the Knights Templar dug up the Stone and stories about it developed in the last quarter of
the 12th Century, set down by the Grail Romancers, such as Wolfram von Eschenbach who tells us
the grail is a stone in his work 'Parzival'.  The other tales are more or less complete fiction.  These Templars carried the
Stone around the Middle East before being told by an apparition of the goddess Isais to go to
Bavaria, to the Ettenberg mountain, and there to construct a shrine which is quite close to Hitler's
summer retreat. Not by coincidence.   Hitler spent long hours gazing out of his huge window perhaps in the hope that
Isais would reappear and give him the Stone, but he didn't have the requisite pure soul, of course.
Isais gave a long prophecy called 'Die Offenbarung Isais'  available on the Net in German but
google will translate.  She said repositories should also be established in Berlin at Tempelhof and Paris as well as
the Unterberg.  Read about this on the causa-nostra site, if it is still there.  If not, I set it down in
'Keepers of the Black Stone', by Austin, Black Rabbit Press, Findon, UK 2011 (see preface text).

Now after the Stone went to Bavaria, it was not long before it was coveted by kings and the Pope
who set about destroying the Templars.  Sixty-eight years before they succeeded, the Stone was
given into the keeping of the Cathars who took it to France in 1244.  From there it went to Poland
where the Templars had an 'outremer' or outpost, to be kept securely or not by Jewish priests
(Tzaddis or rabbis) who made no use of it until it came into the possession of Ysroel ben
Eliezer (1698- 1760) who was also called 'Baal shem tov' or 'Lord of the Good Name, an  angelic
necessity, who founded the Hasidic Sect of the Jews probably on info he acquired from conversing with what
he would have assumed to be angels. From Poland it appears to have been taken southwards back
to Austria which had a better claim to it than any Poles.  It may have been seen by Adam Weishaupt
of the Bavarian Illuminati but I cannot prove that.  I am sure it was taken to Vienna since most
references mentioning the Stone give Vienna high prominence. It was then in the custody of the DHvSS (Die Herren vom
Schwarzen Stein, see prev.) who were descended from Marcionite and Templar fragments (gnostic
and dualist philosophies) and continued in existence until the end of WW2.  Secret societies do not
simply disappear, they go underground, or change their names, or pretend to be something else
while sowing as much confusion as possible until the time is right for them to pop up in a new
guise. The truth can often be found in the symbolism they employ.

The Stone was seen by Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton who took it from Vienna where he worked
at the British Embassy to England where he showed it to his father, Edward George Earle Bulwer-
Lytton who proceeded to work on it until he was able to write a book called 'The Coming
Race' by 1871 which killed him, for he died in 1873.  The son returned to Vienna with the Stone in 1869.
The book concerned the 'Vril-Ja', an unearthly race that lived underground,  The name survived into
the 20th C as a type of flying saucer constructed in Germany, later called the Haunebu, and as the
Vril Society, somewhat similar to the Thule Society, which survived until 1941 when Hitler forbade
any secret societies and they were closed or amalgamated into the SS (Entwicklungstelle IV).  One
society run by Maria Orsic changed its name into 'Antriebtechnischen Werkstatten Vril'  supposedly
a technical organisation, but in reality a band of psychics and would be flying saucer constructors
using the Stone to get technical info from the stars.  They started in 1917 but lacked finance until
Hitlr amalgamated them into the SS, when they eventually became irrelevant so far as WW2 was concerned.
The Nazis made saucers throughout WW2 but sent what remained to Antarctica as part of the
Z-Plan, run by Admiral Canaris who didn't know what side he was on and was hanged in the last days of the war as a traitor.  Again, look him up on Causa-Nostra..  Z means 'Zukunft' or the
future.  The wierdest scheme was the Andromeda Project, a huge ship which was to take three smaller spaceships (saucers) to the stars.  This may have been as much in the nature of time travel as
space travel, experimented with in America and Germany in 1943, as for instance the Philadelphia

Now after sixty odd years, the Stone surfaced about 2005 on the Net for those who could 1) read German and 2) knew what they were looking at.  You can see it on and on lots of
sites associated with the Nazi occult, flying saucers, and the Antarctic base called Neuschwabenland. 
This was destroyed along with many saucers when Admiral Byrd failed in his attempt to conquer this
base with a fleet in 1947, pulled out early after losing many aircraft, and sent in the US air force which bombed  Neuschwabenland with nuclear weapons, said to have exploded in the air.  There is
film of the Byrd expedition which will not tell you much.  Byrd said that in some future war, America would have to deal with aerial craft that could fly from one pole to another.

America now claims its research has progressed to the point where "We could have sent ET home". This means that there is supposedly no need for long haired psychics wielding an odd amethyst to
contact aliens or to discover the secrets of UFOs because America's Black Space Program has
all the info it needs.  Arrogance, of course, because no earthly space program is yet a century old.

Causa Nostra abides in Venice and Munich in spite of its natural home being Austria, calling itself
CN for short.  They are quite reticent but at the same time are very proud of their history.
Requests for more info will be considered favourably. if available.  Thank
you for reading this.